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L.L. Lily also known as the Lost Little Lily started her writing journey at the age of 15, but hadn’t published her works on online platforms such as wattpad, writerscafe, and tapas until 2013.


What started out as a hobby, turned into a drive to inspire others just as books and words inspire her to write and dream the unimaginable. When she’s not writing under her pen name, she’s reading books and furthering her studies as an educator, human service worker, and mental health activist.
She likes to keep her writing, personal, and professional life separate, hence the pen name she adopts for her current and future works.
On 2019 she self-published her debut novel Fallen For The Mafia Prince and published the first book of her upcoming Undeniable Series later that year. Her book Undeniable Desire (Book 1) was inspired by her work as an intern under her local school counselors.

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Very pleased to announced my latest book release! Check out what’s new below!

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I love him. I hate him. I love them both.

Life is going great or at least that’s what the right side of my brain is telling me. I got my dream job as a school counselor at Rose County High and married the love of my life…

Okay I lied. I’m on the brink of divorce. There are days when I hate my job, I slept with my client’s father, and I think I’m going to jail for violating ethics.

…stupid Ulysses Grant…




Kelsey Fairweather nee Hassing has everything. She snagged herself a handsome hotshot doctor for a husband, a dream job, and the best weekly orgasm. She’s also on the brink of divorce, potentially violating ethics, and fighting a war against her heart, body, and mind. When her first one night stand comes knocking on her door as her client’s father and an attractive proposition, will she keep her legs closed long enough to see the light of her divorce papers? Or will she learn to let bygones be bygones for a second chance with her husband?

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