Author F.A.Q

L.L. Lily (light)


What is L.L. Lily’s really name?

Starting out as a shy and un-confident teen, I (L.L. Lily) published most of my works anonymously online. To protect my family from the ever prying eyes of social media, I adopted the pen name, The Lost Little Lily.


Do you plan to remain anonymous or will we get a face reveal or Easter egg of your real name?

I plan to continue using this pen name to separate my personal, professional, and writing life.


Where do you live?

At the time of writing this, I currently live somewhere in the Pacific.


How old is L.L. Lily?

I was born in 1996… my age would change depending on the year, feel free to do the math!


Is writing your main career/profession?

No, in my real life when I’m not using my pen name, I’m an Education Major. It gives me the flexibility to choose between being a teacher, counselor, or human service professional. At the time of writing, I’m currently finishing my college degree. Writing is a hobby I hope to pursue if given a chance as a full-time job.


Note: Because I’m an Ed major I would prefer to keep a separate, anonymous identity. For one thing, I do not like attaching my work life with my professional or even my personal life. In addition, as I mostly write chick-lit, contemporary, and other works of fiction catered to adult audiences so you could imagine that it will not look good in my resume to be publicly scrutinized based on my writing life.



What genres do you write, writing style, and what’s your target audience?

My writing style has changed over the years and you may notice that too in my earlier workers. My earlier works focused more on chick lit/ romance stories in high school life (as I wrote them in my teenage years) [I still cringe every time I go back to edit them]. I still write romance, chick-lit, rom-com (romantic comedy) but the central setting/focus isn’t in high school anymore. My target audience (based on my writing style as a 15 year old) were teenagers my age. As I grew older my writing style centers more towards the adult audiences (18+) and features relatable characters in their late 20s and 30s.



So do you write erotica or are you an erotica writer?

I think erotica is an art in and of itself, but no I don’t write erotica (or I’m not quite sure if my works would count as erotica?) As a hopeless romantic who appreciates the human sexuality, the act of sex would naturally flow in any romantic story.


Influences and favorite authors?

I’m a big fan of Sophie Kinsella, J.L. Armentrout, Tracie Puckett, Nicholas Sparks, and Cassandra Clare. My writing style I believe is strongly influenced by Sophie Kinsella. Her style is unique and very humorous.



What is the inspiration for your first work?

Most of my earlier works were inspired by my teenage imagination in high school. As funny as it may sound, the very first story I wrote (but haven’t published/released online… but maybe soon once I get to edit it) was about a guy I had a huge crush on. Do note that it wasn’t meant to be fantasizing about us being together, It was easier to conjure a fictional story based on our little interactions and steering it to something fictitious. I don’t know what happened or where he is now though. As a hopeless romantic and a sucker for all things love, everything can be turned into a romantic novel. Find a cute taxi driver? Why not make a story of you falling in love with a taxi driver? You’re 30-year-old single virgin? What if you walk into a bar for the first time and had a one-night stand with the sexy bartender who happens to be a mafia boss? The possibilities are endless in the world of fiction!


How are you inspired to write? Have you ever experienced writer’s block?

All. the. time! The problem with me I suppose is that I tend to have all these ideas and jump into making them and hyping them, but after mapping out the details and writing the first few chapters I get easily distracted or lose interest. If I’m really determined to finish a book and am stumped, I would start from the end and work my way from the beginning and flesh out the details (this is also called a backward process you might be familiar with). Scrivener also helps me map my story out because the storyboard allows you to create and re-arrange index cards.


What writing tools/sites do you use?

Starting out I used Microsoft Word when I got my first laptop in high school. I joined writing sites like, Wattpad, and Tapas. The writing tools I use today is a computer app called scrivener (though I hope there is an android version so I could write on my phone). I also use google drive so that it’s easy to edit my work from a computer, phone, and table as a google doc (but since google doc tends to be laggy after a while especially long documents) I’m sticking with traditional Microsoft word files and scrivener.


Message to upcoming/aspiring writers?

Always stay true to yourself and passionate to your craft. Sometimes it takes appreciating the events or things you observed around you to spark a potential story.


Who designs and manages your website?

At the time of writing, I am the only one who runs/manages this site as well as my other social media handles. I design and manage them myself.


Aside from writing what are your other hobbies?

I love to read, play a little mobile games, watch funny videos on youtube, tweet my thoughts out loud, chill on IG, and making covers or edits to enhance my stories.


I may have stumbled upon a blog site from weebly called is it yours?

Yes it is, before I created my website I was using Weebly (personally like the website builder interface, but it’s hella slow!). You may see some duplicates of content as I am updating both sites.


Got any other questions? Comment below and I’ll try my best to get back to you!