Book Review: Once Upon A Romance

Once upon a romance

Book title: Once upon a Romance

Author: Alex Bailey

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Christmas Romance

Age restrictions: None

Total time read: 4 days

My Rating: 5/5




The story follows Sophie and her niece Ariel on their Christmas trip and tribute to her sister (Ariel’s mom). Ariel is excited but Sophie isn’t looking forward to the trip, she just wants to get it over with for the sake of her niece’s Christmas wish. Will a little time and romance in the most happiest place on earth be enough to change her mind?




I have to be honest, I was bored in the beginning. it didn’t really hook me from the start and I found the attention to detail a little too wordy to keep my attention on the story. What got me turning the page though was when they were finally on their way to Disney World and we begin to see their interactions with our beloved male lead.


The story was relatable as it goes with the current times. Seeing as it was just published recently, that it is spot on. It also made us experience the magical world of Disney, which is a big plus for someone like me who hasn’t been to Disney World. It shows how well researched or well versed the author (and characters) are to the place due to the fact that they are self-proclaimed fanatics. I also love the character building and the fact that i’ve empathized with the characters.



If it was my usual 10 point scale rating, I would have rated it a 9 or 10, but for the sake of a 5-Star rating, I would give it a 5 despite not getting me hooked in the beginning. The story pulled through though which eventually got my big fat 5/5 for moving me to tears on multiple instances. Could have been better though (as I was expecting something like the male lead actually having a terminal illness that makes it more heartbreaking, but the delivery of the story was just as heartbreaking nevertheless). 


It deserves a 5 for moving me to tears because as I’ve motioned in my previous reviews, if a book or film move me to tears and empathize with the characters, it is a great book. 


Well done and i look forward to reading the author’s books once again if I do come across anything that piques my interest.


Will I recommend this book to other readers?


I would definitely recommend this book to people who loves Disney, light hearted and wholesome contemporary romances, and those looking for something to read for the holidays.




Thanks for reading my review and I wish you, my lovely readers a happy holidays.