Book Review: Remember Me

Sophie kinsella remember me


Book title: Remember Me?
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Chicklit, RomCom
Total read time: approximately 4 hours
My Recommendation: Will recommend
My Rating: 8/10 (a 4 out of 5-star rating equivalent)




Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella follows the story of Lexi Smart, Flooring member turned Marketing Department’s boss overnight. Lexi wakes up not remembering three years of her life, and not only that, she forgot the fact that she is married to a perfect man, living the dream, and a has a secret lover named Jon, who by the way is her husband’s (Eric), close business partner and architect. Lexi tries her best to regain what seems to be her life as the present knows it only to be shell shocked by the unfathomable turn of events: her best friends hate her, SHE HAD A SECRET LOVER, and as much as she tries to make her marriage work, her world is crumbling before her. What’s worst is that everyone seems to take advantage of her amnesia and she isn’t sure who to trust, or who she is anymore. In the end, she has her own happy ending, by paving her own path without her former memories.



As one who wasn’t gifted with patience, I just had to consult the internet to spoil myself of what happens in the story (as I always do with other books I read), only to be discouraged that there isn’t much talk about it (or the fact that Mont Blanc was used in a kinky way in the book and there wasn’t any reference about it online, like at all).


I loved the book as a whole but I felt that the ending was either rushed or lacked more push, hence why I gave it an 8 out of 10. I always loved Sophie’s books, in fact, they’re the only ones I can finish within a week (and probably in a day if I wasn’t much of an on-off reader). The humor in the book is what I expect especially her bluntness and the way Sophie weaves characters, especially the female protagonists.


I loved the idea that she didn’t make Eric seem like he was using her (because it seemed to have hinted that everyone had their fair share of lies and secrets, or maybe I was just being suspicious of everyone) I felt sorry for him though because he was sad that they couldn’t make their marriage work (and lol the ending part where Lexi tells us that he is still hopeful they’d end up together and sends her a divorce manual and stuff… that cracked me up). I also like how she portrayed Jon, but there were moments when I read the interactions between them and I’m just like, BUT ERIC SEEMS SOOOOO ADORABLE AND A LOVING HUSBAND (despite the fact that he doesn’t take her seriously or understand her but lol he just seems so adorable and it makes you question why she would even leave her husband).


Meanwhile, Sophie makes us fall in love with Jon too, I like Jon but not as much as I like Eric. I believe the fault in this is that if there was a sequel to this, it would have Lexi recalling her other memories along the way than just ending with her realizing that she loved him and remembered another memory and that’s just it, they end up in bed together. Maybe I’d read a fanfiction following that scene if I have to something that was more detailed than the last few pages.


Another thing about Sophie’s books is that she’s one of those writers who’s books tug on your heartstrings when there are sad moments (and yes I did cry once while reading) and make a total fool of yourself for grinning like an idiot (or laughing out loud) at public places. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, LOCK YOURSELF IN A PRIVATE PLACE WHILE READING HER BOOKS BECAUSE YOU WOULD SURELY LAUGH LIKE A WHALE (if that was even possible lol).


Oh and BTW my favorite part was the Mont Blanc, a total NSFW, I seriously lost it xD Tell me all about it when you get there.


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