Book Review: Can You Keep A Secret




Book title: Can you keep a secret?
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Chicklit, RomCom
Total read time: approximately 2hrs
My Recommendation: Highly
My Rating: 10/10 (a 5 out of 5-star equivalent)



I read this book before “Remember Me?” (will post that up soon) by Sophie Kinsella. Honestly, she is a GENIUS.

Before you read any further I would like to warn you that there will be spoilers in this review along with a long summary, should you chose to read further, you’ve been warned!
Are you ready? Okay.




Emma is a driven office girl (I’m starting to think all of her characters are corporate women lol) who dreams to be promoted and prove to her family that she is not a disappointment. After a tragic meeting, she finds herself in a plane having a panic attack and believing she’s going to die, spill all of her secrets to a random stranger who turns out to be her sexy secretive boss Jack. She has a boyfriend who is perfect, however, there is no denying that she is attracted to Jack. One thing leads to another and she finds herself smitten by the man who holds the key to all her secrets.


Jack and Em share their moments, Em’s friends seem to be critical with her newly found relationship while she keeps her office romance under wraps with her colleagues (who judges her for dumping her perfect ex-boyfriend and don’t take her seriously). Em begins to realize that she does all the sharing and haven’t gotten one secret out of the mystery man himself. She begins to question her relationship with Jack and is close to breaking up. The final straw, of course, is Jack’s ultimatum: He blurts out all of Em’s secret on national television with her colleagues immediately knowing who he means and begins to tease Em.


Em is especially stung when Jack reveals his observation, making her feel used and like a lab monkey as he tells them that they aim to target a market of an ordinary girl on the street. Her world crumbling before her, Em runs away, breaks up with Jack and confides with her roommates who were angry at first but later understanding, even offering to help her take revenge. Em refuses believing that revenge wouldn’t solve anything while her office feasts on her embarrassment.


Jack tries to reconcile with her but she is still angry, she asks him one last time to tell her his secret to which he says its complicated, they have an argument and part ways. Time after that, Em believes she has moved on from Jack, she goes to her best friend Lissy’s performance with dancing lawyers to support her and finds herself face to face with Jack who went through lengths to talk to her and finally reveals his secret hidden in Scotland: his deceased best friend and business partner had a secret love child which of whom the public doesn’t know about nor does the child and her mother wish to inherit the company.


Happy to hear this secret Em feels foolish and apologize, they reconcile, and just as things get better, it only gets worse: her sassy vengeful roommate Jemima has found leverage to aid in the exposure of Jack’s secret, Em tries to stop this crazy woman but couldn’t contact her to her dismay. Anxious she and Jack support Lissy who surprisingly has a talent in performing. Towards the end of the performance, she sees Jemima who brought along a journalist willing to expose Jack’s secret. They hide in a room where Em is stunned and unable to stop this crazy duo only to be caught at the wrong time by Jack who misinterprets the situation.


Everything goes downhill from there, Jack storms off pissed, Em who is stunned for a moment runs after him. Jack is unforgiving, hurt to have trusted Em, he gets into his car and drives off. Meanwhile, Em returns to the booth with her Lissy who was scolding Jemima. Em is glad but feels shaken she decides to hide at the auditorium sulking as she realized that Connor was having sex with his new girlfriend, she awkwardly walks away and finds herself staring at Jack who hugs her. She couldn’t believe it but Jack tells him he believes her, they make up by Jack telling her all his secrets.





I really loved this story, it was that type that really tugged on my heartstrings. The roller coaster of events and the unexpectedness of the story made it even more magical to read. The only quip I had was the part when Jack finds Em with the journalist and instead of trying to explain herself or straight away run after him she freezes. I mean that does happen in real life but at the same time not often and it made me slightly annoyed with her character.


A memorable event I believe was the parts when Jack would bluntly throw out her secrets, and even goes through lengths of speaking up for Em especially in front of her family and Jemima’s attempt to scheme an act of revenge such as the use of chili oil.


My favorite quote was probably Em recounting the moment she and Jack first had sex during the company family day and she asked him why or what made him like her and he told her that the moment she spoke to him on the plane he was “gripped”. Lol.



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