Catching up

Hello, It’s been a while!


I apologize for not being able to blog lately. Life has been kind of busy, added that I’m finally graduating college!


I just wanted to catch up with you all. How are you doing? Deeply sorry that I haven’t been blogging or reviewing any books. I have been binge watching a couple of shows lately though, maybe I’ll do some movie reviews, what do you all think? Lately I’ve been obsessed with Walking Dead and yes, I am 10 seasons late, but hey at least I am 6 seasons in and stalling on watching the rest because *spoiler alert* I know Glenn gets killed off in the next season and want to keep him alive a little longer (lol!)


Any who, if you lovely peeps haven’t already been following me on Twitter and Instagram, I’m pretty much easy to catch there rather than my personal blog. If you would like to keep up my randomness, Twitter is your best bet to get in touch with me and don’t be afraid to drop by and say hello.


Some updates just to get us all back on track:


1. I have some WIPs and excited to get them out to you (hopefully writers block isn’t a bitch) here are some of them:


The Undeniable Series Books 2-4

The Undeniable Series follow the lives of four women as they go through life. Each is narrated by one of the four women with four different stories that are interconnected. Book 1 followed Kelsey’s story.


– Book 2: Undeniable Hope (continues where the story left off from book one, it is told in Kyle’s perspective, not Kelsey.)

– Book 3: Undeniable Passion (is told in Darsha’s perspective)

– Book 4: Undeniable Crush (is told in Myr’s perspective)


Bewitched: A Rose County Origin Story (Historical Romance)

This book takes place many years before the events of all my current and future stories will take place. It’s also unique in its way because it will be the only fantasy novel you would find in my works (who knows if I get better in writing fantasy, this could change)


Just Dance / Will you dance with me?

This story is something I wrote a while back and would probably get this out before the rest as I’ve begun the process of editing the first draft. I wrote this  when I was a young hormonal 15 year old so I have no doubt you might cringe (I still do seeing all my earlier works) reading the cliche-ness of it all.


Between Enemy Lines

Another story that is out of my forte. Like Fallen for the Mafia Prince, this involves the mafia, politics, and second chance romances. Think of it as Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets Romeo and Juliet, I haven’t written much action packed stories so this would be a journey. 


2. I’m doing Book and Movie Reviews

Since I’ve got Netflix again, it would be a waste not to indulge in binge watching movies I love. This is not to say that I would stop reading and reviewing books I’ve come across, I would if I do finish a good read. So in the meantime if I am not reviewing books from my never ending list of TBR, do look out for TV Series or Movie reviews. I’m excited to share my thoughts on them.


3. Undeniable Desire got it’s first review!

I am pleased to announce that the first book of my Undeniable Series got its first review, and a positive one at that! It was also very helpful and insightful. You can read it here:


4. Keep in touch

Since I’m in a little break while I wait out graduation, I pretty much have a lot of free time until I get job. In the meantime, if you would like to keep in touch you can follow me on my socials!


Twitter: @lllily13

Instagram: l.l.lily13


Also! I’m very pleased to announced that the L.L. Lily Amino Community is up so you can also join the community there. I’m also starting a book club there!