Four Seasons Prompt #3

As always, prompts are from Bryan Cohen’s book, check his book out and feel free to chime in the comments your thoughts or responses to the following prompt:

Prompt #3

Sometimes it gets so hot in an area that people have to conserve their water because of drought conditions. Imagine that there was a drought in your area so you couldn’t play in the pool or run through the sprinkler. How would this change your typical summer day and why?

A year ago we were hit by a large scale typhoon (this was in Fall), months before that we were experiencing an El Niño (Summer) with threats of potential wildfires (two incidents were reported), drought, and people were advised to avoid discarding cigarette butts near grassy areas or woodlands. Months after the typhoon hit, we were left without power and water for a couple of months. People had to resort to buying drinking water to use as a means of showering, some used rain water, others who were lucky to store water prior to the typhoon had enough for at least a week or two And just last week we barely missed another super typhoon which is now headed towards Japan (my thoughts and prayers go out to our friends out there and please be safe!)

I like to think that this would change our typical summer or lives is everyone would use water sparingly, some wouldn’t take a bath unless necessary which resulted in kids having more of a risk of spreading lice especially in schools. Where summers are meant for enjoying break and relaxing, people would be storing water and engaging with minimal activity so as to not sweat too much and preventing the use of limited supply water.

Note: Video via KUAM News Youtube Channel