Flick Review: The Walking Dead

TV Series Title: The Walking Dead
Season: 1 to 9 (upon reviewing)
Genre: Horror, Sci-fi, Action
Age Restriction & Warnings: Not suitable for younger audiences, parental supervision advised. It contains gore, zombies, mild nudity and sex, some profanity, etc.
Recommendation: Will Recommend
Rating: 8 out of 10 (a 4 out of 5-star equivalent)
Brief Summary:
The Walking Dead follows Rick Grimes and a “family” (I call them family even if some of them aren’t related by blood because he eventually treats them as a family) survivors during a zombie apocalypse. The TV series is based on the comic book of the same name.

My thoughts:
I have to admit I’m kind of late on the TWD train but it’s better to be late than never! The idea of a group of survivors not only battling the bad zombies but each other is an interesting twist considering after ten years running from zombies would be kind of boring.


Horror and zombie flicks weren’t my thing until recently and so far I’m actually digging it.
Overall Verdict:
I gave the series an 8 out of 10 because although the plots are interesting, there were some plots and seasons that were just annoying and boring. By this I mean some story arcs that contain major antagonists which are dragged on for a whole season if not more (yes I’m talking about you governor!)


Some decisions made by characters makes you too frustrated and the death of characters that you really like *coughs* *coughs* (Justice for Glenn and Carl) are either too painful to watch or make you want to stop watching because you don’t have any more favorite characters left to root for (no offense cast you are all talented and all but I kind of miss the original/old cast and the times were the only enemies they had to worry about was zombies and not some assholes and power struggles – we have enough drama in the real world to care about your power struggles!


In my opinion, Season 1 was the best season. The angst, dilemmas, and tension between characters and zombies was a great hook to get you thirsting for more.


Then as the seasons that followed progressed, it gets a little boring and in some cases annoying.


It isn’t until or around season 5 when Negan comes in that it gets more interesting but even with the war with Negan/the Saviors felt so dragged out that, that too became boring and annoying.


I have no doubt that The Walking Dead would last a few more seasons after season 10 along with its other spin-offs and upcoming movies but I wished that some of the plots weren’t so long and predictable (also please stop killing our favorite characters! Can’t our favorite characters just live in peace and survive like a badass rather than some questionable characters that don’t deserve too? – Again, no offense cast, you are all talented an all but we so did not invest 9 to 10 season of our life to watch our favorite characters go – even if that’s the point of the show: survival and death)


Well done showrunners for making this show run for a whopping ten years. I look forward to watching the next season!



Will I recommend it?
If you dig zombies, gore, action, apocalyptic scenarios, drama, character development, and a charming cast this one is for you. I wouldn’t recommend children watching this though unless with parental supervision as this can induce nightmares (for the fainthearted). Also if you like watching 9+ seasons of (essentially the same thing) by all means go for it. If you hate getting emotionally invested in a character only to have it shattered by constant sendoffs, this can be for you but prepare your heart and… rolls of tissue papers.
What are your thoughts on the walking dead? Who are your favorite characters? What seasons were your least to most favorite? Comment down below.

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Flick Review: YOU

Series Title: You
Number of series and episodes: One Season, 10 episodes. (Note: There will be a season 2)
Genre: Crime Drama, Psychological Thriller
Age restriction: Mature audiences only. Features adult content and other themes not suitable for younger audiences.
My Rating: 8/10 (a 4 out of 5-star equivalent)


Brief Summary:

The story follows Joe a book store manager and his journey in love with Beck, an aspiring writer, but here’s the twist: our main character Joe is actually a serial killer.


My thoughts:

I’m not really into crime psychological thrillers but something just told me to give this a shot (to be fair I didn’t look at the synopsis or genre/category this series was placed under, it was recommended to me by Netflix and I assumed it was a romance movie seeing the cover of the two main characters in a book store).

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