Flick Review: The Knight Before Christmas

Movie Title: The Knight Before Christmas
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Modern Day/Contemporary Romance, Christmas Comedy
Age Restriction: None. It’s safe to say anyone can enjoy this movie, even as a family
My Rating: 9/10 (a 4.5 out of 5-star equivalent)

Brief Summary:
The Knight Before Christmas follows the developing love story of a medieval Knight Cole who is transported in the future to complete his quest. He crosses paths with a skeptical teacher Brooke who provides him shelter and helps him adjust to the current time (believing he’s hit his head hard to have amnesia and be acting he’s from the 14th century), all the while falling in love with one another.


My thoughts:
The idea of time travel and royalty (or knights) falling for an average person is an overused or recycled trope. Nevertheless, it’s still a hit, you can never go wrong especially since it’s the holidays and who doesn’t like a rom-com set in the holidays right?


What I like about the film is the fact that it is a modern-day (contemporary) romance and features women empowerment (cue the female lead telling her student she doesn’t need a man or anyone really to succeed or feel complete, like hell yes girl, slay that pep talk!)


The male lead isn’t your typical idiot prince charming (okay, he can be kind of an idiot at times in the movie but let’s give him a break he was from the 16th century!) either who just happens to stumble upon a magical crone and does what she says to save the princess [Never mind the fact that she looks shady and creepy, you need to save a princess okay I’ll do it, where’s my horse? Giddy-yup! Nope, he isn’t that kind of prince that fairy tales taught us as kids.]. He kindly calls her out on her bullshit using his logical mind that maybe she’s gone bonkers for staying out too long under such weather and helps her anyway. He was brought into the future against his will.


I also love the character building, their wit, as well as the pacing of the character’s romantic development. The fact that Cole was able to adapt to the modern world by watching TV (using cringe-worthy lingo) but still keep his knightly morals or code and teach Brooke some things from his era was also worth noting.


Overall Verdict:
I give the movie a 9/10 only because I don’t give movies a full-on 10 unless I feel a strong emotion from them (as mentioned in my previous review on the “You” TV Series. The scene when Cole had to go back to his time because he’s already completed his quest didn’t move me to tears as I thought it would, nor did his return bring me to tears. What picked it up to a 9 out of 10-star rating was the conversation that Cole had with his brother. When he told his brother that his heart belonged to the woman he met and his brother telling him that his love is more important than staying to watch his brother be knighted was more important and at that moment (though I didn’t cry) I told myself, “yup that’s it. That’s what I was looking for, to get that sweet 9 out of 10-star rating.


Again I would like to remind my readers that the actors are not bad actors (I simply adore Vanessa Hudgens especially since I’ve seen her in other Christmas movies like the Princess Switch and was excited to see her in this movie too). Their acting was spot on (they were easy to like and really witty) but I was expecting more of that emotional connection I long for with every character I stumble upon (feel that emotion they feel in every scene or situation) to give it a full 10 out of 10-star rating.


Would I recommend this movie?

DEFINITELY. Why is that even a question? It’s a perfect rom-com for the holidays, and even if it isn’t the holidays it’s still a great rom-com to watch!




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