Book Review: Once Upon A Romance

Once upon a romance




Book title: Once upon a Romance
Author: Alex Bailey
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Christmas Romance
Age restrictions: None
Total time read: 4 days

My recommendation: Will Recommend
My Rating: 5/5




The story follows Sophie and her niece Ariel on their Christmas trip and tribute to her sister (Ariel’s mom). Ariel is excited but Sophie isn’t looking forward to the trip, she just wants to get it over with for the sake of her niece’s Christmas wish. Will a little time and romance in the most happiest place on earth be enough to change her mind?


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Book Review: The Lakehouse


Book title: The Lake House
Author: James Patterson
Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, Romance
My Recommendation: Highly
My Rating: 8/10 (a 4 out of 5-star rating)



[Spoiler Alert]


You can’t read Book 1 of a Series and not read Book 2 so with that being said, let’s move on to my review for the sequel to When The Wind Blows: The Lake House. It took me two days to read this book, and as I mentioned in my previous review, genres such as these aren’t my normal cup of tea. I recently got into the book after seeing the chemistry going on with my favorite ships — and guess what? I just chatted with a stranger with the same love for James Patterson’s books, it was such an amazing experience talking with the person because we sort of had similar taste in books and secretly, hadn’t read the Harry Potter books (what are the odds huh? Anyway if you enjoyed When the Wind Blows, you’d especially love this one. It was more action-packed, emotional, and wild — crazier than the first one.

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Book Review: The Choice

The Choice


Book title: The Choice
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Total read time: 9 Days
My Recommendation: Strongly Recommended
My Rating: ​8/10 (a 4 out of 5-star equivalent


[Spoiler Alert — Do not read unless you’ve already read the book]


For the first half (or part) of the book, the book follows narratives of the two main characters: Travis Parker and Gabby Holland. Gabby who recently moved into the neighborhood with her beautiful Collie (also the cover of the book) Molly finds herself immediately annoyed with a long-time resident veterinarian, Travis. The books begin with young Travis who loves adventures especially stories told by his father, which also hints on him secretly wanting a family of his own (or at least be a great father just like his father). The narrative then moves to the present where we are quite unsure what to expect as a man (Travis) is seemingly tired and troubled with a choice he has to make, or at least questioning his choices that led to the present events.

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