Book Review: Merciless




Author: Willow Winters
Series or standalone: Series

Series Number: 1

Genre: Romance, Drama, Erotica, Mafia Romance
Age Restriction: Mature Audiences only (18+)

Total Time Read: 5 days

Recommendation: See commentary below

Rating: 4.5/5



Merciless follows the story of a powerful man, Carter Cross, and a daughter of a mafia boss, Aria Talvery. The story begins with Aria who finds herself at a bar to retrieve her precious sketchbook (though it’s not the sketchbook that is special but what is inside). Everything goes south from there when she is caught in a crossfire and taken captive by a guy named Romano who trades her off to our supposed male lead, Carter Cross. Aria hopes to be saved, will her believed savior and captor show her mercy or will she submit to his every command?


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