Book Review: Remember Me

Sophie kinsella remember me


Book title: Remember Me?
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Chicklit, RomCom
Total read time: approximately 4 hours
My Recommendation: Will recommend
My Rating: 8/10 (a 4 out of 5-star rating equivalent)




Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella follows the story of Lexi Smart, Flooring member turned Marketing Department’s boss overnight. Lexi wakes up not remembering three years of her life, and not only that, she forgot the fact that she is married to a perfect man, living the dream, and a has a secret lover named Jon, who by the way is her husband’s (Eric), close business partner and architect. Lexi tries her best to regain what seems to be her life as the present knows it only to be shell shocked by the unfathomable turn of events: her best friends hate her, SHE HAD A SECRET LOVER, and as much as she tries to make her marriage work, her world is crumbling before her. What’s worst is that everyone seems to take advantage of her amnesia and she isn’t sure who to trust, or who she is anymore. In the end, she has her own happy ending, by paving her own path without her former memories.


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Book Review: Can You Keep A Secret




Book title: Can you keep a secret?
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Chicklit, RomCom
Total read time: approximately 2hrs
My Recommendation: Highly
My Rating: 10/10 (a 5 out of 5-star equivalent)



I read this book before “Remember Me?” (will post that up soon) by Sophie Kinsella. Honestly, she is a GENIUS.

Before you read any further I would like to warn you that there will be spoilers in this review along with a long summary, should you chose to read further, you’ve been warned!
Are you ready? Okay.




Emma is a driven office girl (I’m starting to think all of her characters are corporate women lol) who dreams to be promoted and prove to her family that she is not a disappointment. After a tragic meeting, she finds herself in a plane having a panic attack and believing she’s going to die, spill all of her secrets to a random stranger who turns out to be her sexy secretive boss Jack. She has a boyfriend who is perfect, however, there is no denying that she is attracted to Jack. One thing leads to another and she finds herself smitten by the man who holds the key to all her secrets.

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Book Review: Twenties Girl



Book title: Twenties Girl
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Fiction, Rom-Com, Young Adult Fiction, Comedy, Chick-Lit
Total read time: approximatetly 2hrs
My Recommendation: HIGHLY
My Ratings: 10/10 (a 5 out of 5-star equivalent)


[Spoiler alert]
Twenties Girl is by far one of my favorite books to date. If I were to read this again, I would. The story takes place with Lara’s world crumbling before her: her boyfriend Josh stopped communicating her six weeks ago, her business partner and best friend left her to fend for herself while she’s out dallying somewhere with a beach hunk, and she couldn’t tell her parents her business partnership is a big bust, to make things worst Lara has to attend a funeral for a great aunt she never knew she had.


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Book Review: Finding Audrey


Book Title: Finding Audrey
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Chicklit
Total read time: approximately 2hrs (took me around 4 days instead of one sitting)
My Recommendation: highly
My Ratings: 8/10 (or a 4/5 equivalent)


[Warning – May Contain Spoilers]
Finding Audrey is a fairly new book by Sophie, its surprisingly in the narrative of a teenage girl named Audrey. Audrey is a teenage girl who is currently staying at home because she was bullied at her former school resulting in her lack of self-confidence and anxiety. We find this perky teen narrating her life in her household: an overprotective housewife of a mum, a businessman dad, a gamer (obsessed) brother and a little four-year-old brother. Her family is very supportive trying to nurture her needs (and dare I say why can’t most parents be supportive of our dreams and nurture us in times of our struggles?). Anyway, things are kinda hectic in her family and Audrey seems pretty chill, she visits her doctor who tries to help her recuperate by giving all these tasks, one of them being to interview and videotape everything that goes on in her household and strangers. The whole story is basically narrated by Audrey who embarks on a journey to recuperation one video at a time. She meets this guy Linus who is her brother’s good friend and a fellow gamer who tries to help her get out of her shell, we see a few ups and downs and we see her progress.

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