Catching Up

Hello, It’s been a while!


I apologize for not being able to blog lately. Life has been kind of busy, added that I’m finally graduating college!


I just wanted to catch up with you all. How are you doing? Deeply sorry that I haven’t been blogging or reviewing any books. I have been binge-watching a couple of shows lately though, maybe I’ll do some movie reviews, what do you all think? Lately I’ve been obsessed with Walking Dead and yes, I am 10 seasons late, but hey at least I am 6 seasons in and stalling on watching the rest because *spoiler alert* I know Glenn gets killed off in the next season and want to keep him alive a little longer (lol!)


Anywho, if you lovely peeps haven’t already been following me on Twitter and Instagram, I’m pretty much easy to catch there rather than my personal blog. If you would like to keep up my randomness, Twitter is your best bet to get in touch with me and don’t be afraid to drop by and say hello.


Some updates just to get us all back on track:


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