Book Review: The Player

The Player by Denise Grover swank



Book Title: The Player
Author: Denise Grover Swank
Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Fiction
Pages: 356 pages
Total Read Time: Roughly a month (due to time constraints)
My Recommendation: Would recommend
My rating: 8/10 (a 4 out of 5-star equivalent)


Blair and Garrett are both divorce attorney’s and exes reunited after five years. It must be fate. Blair is still angry but Garrett’s convinced that the heaven’s giving him a sign to shoot for a second chance. But here’s the problem: Blair is getting married in a few days. Here’s another problem: she’s getting married to his cousin and worst enemy. Blair isn’t a believer in curses or fate like her friend Libby who is convinced that the curse cast on to them is real. How does it end? You have to read to find out, for me, it’s surely a wedding you won’t forget.




[Spoiler Alert, please do not read beyond this point if you don’t wish to see spoilers]


Although I enjoyed this book, I have to give it an 8/10 rating (you know how I hate 5-star ratings because I’m indecisive that way and a 10-star rating scale is a little more generous. As for why I rate it out of 10 is because of the inconsistency of some characters towards the end of the story and I felt some areas in the story were rushed.


Blair is depicted as a strong independent woman type. She’s smart, capable and ready to fight for her rights in the workplace. She is also perceptive as evidently seen when she is handling a case. Although she redeems this quality in the end, there are some parts in the story where she just seemed so out of character (yes love can make you a pool of mush but I’m not talking about that). For example, in the scene where she walks in on Garrett and Layla, she was instantaneously pissed off and unforgiving when she saw him clothed, but when his cousin convinces her to follow him back to Garrett’s hotel she easily conforms. If she meant to play along with it, her thought process was missed, the least the author could have done was at least show a scene later that she was piecing everything together, which leads me to my next point.


In the scene with her mother, she confirms that she knew Garrett wasn’t guilty and that she broke his heart. This scene was prepping us to the big reveal in the end, yet the revelation wasn’t as explosive as I would like (the build-up was there but it wasn’t explosive). Another issue I had with the scene with her mother is that although she mentioned her once or twice, for the most part of the story she was MIA. Suddenly giving her daughter a pep-talk although heartwarming was a little too weird for me because, for the most part, it seem to be implied that she was cold and missing throughout the story.


Another thing that left me scratching my head was when she revealed she knew Ben tricked her, we don’t really see a scene of her actually doing her own investigation. Yes, it was meant to be an element of surprise but I wasn’t as surprised as I would like. It could have been better if the book had a scene where she was making the calls or doing the investigation herself. Maybe she overheard Neil’s conversation with Garrett or saw it in their text, but no, she just said she made some calls and connected the dots. I was hoping she would elaborate more on how she figured out Neil’s connection with Layla. She could have had a scene where she had an Aha moment when she pieced everything together. Her reaction towards Neil was also disappointing because when it came to Garrett she’s all rage and dramatic but when she was calling Neil out on his bullshit she was level headed and simply hit him with her bouquet, like really? At least kick him in the balls, that rose bouquet isn’t as equally as embarrassing as her calling him out in front of a crowd and ratting out all the things he’s done to her. We also don’t even know if Neil gave them the promised “videos” he’d taken of her. Sure he signed the papers but how can we be too sure that he would hand the videos and keep his promise?


It was romantic and all and a really great story but there are just some parts that could have been better (unless of course these issues were addressed in the other stand-alone novels in the series).



Overall it’s a great read. Definitely worth the read if you’re just looking for a romantic comedy to sink your teeth in. If you are the type of reader who would pick up some gaps in the story or picky with the story building approach it with a grain of salt and determine if it’s a book that piques your interest. Not everyone has the same opinion or thoughts, you should be the judge of whatever book you come across.



Girl: Helping someone go viral is like one of my lifelong dream come true!
Garrett: You need new life goals


“Why do you need a piece of paper?” Garrett put a hand on top of his head, “I just do.”


“Time to raise some hell”


“My mother taught me that depending on someone too much is a recipe for self-destruction.”


“Did you seriously just propose to me on one knee – naked?”
“Don’t break my heart again, Garrett”


“I won’t. I swear. I’m yours”


“Horde of hungry children”



“Debra when most people meet someone for the first time, they start off with introduction – they don’t just extort them for money”





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